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Abstract : Enterprise Systems are one of the most important developments in corporate information systems during the last decade. These integrated information systems are characterized by a number of features which include a very broad scope and functionality, as well as being generic, master data, and business-process orientated. I found that this type of simulation is not common to ERP systems, and is particularly lacking in systems designed for small- and mid-sized organizations.

Perceiving an opportunit to enhance the functionalit of existing ERP systems, I decided to develop a simulation prototype for an ERP application. How do you implement an ERP system? This question is answered from an theoretical angle using theory on implementing information systems as well as theory especially focused on ERP implementation. See all publications in the database.

Titus Sebastiaan van Erp. Background and activities. Anticipate actions 3. Upgrading existing repositories 3. Integration phase 20 3. Prepare toggle plan 3. Validate integration 3. In this Master of Business Enterprise Resource Planning Systems course, you'll discover how to apply business and technology trends to real-world problems by learning from teachers who are experts in their field. Importantly, this course will give you an understanding of the implications these systems have on business.

Gain in-depth knowledge of Systems Applications and Products SAP software through hands-on experience and hour online access. You'll learn important skills including:. We have strong industry partnerships including with Linfox and SAP and master thesis erp have the opportunity for industry experience in SAP-related fields.

Our extensive international network includes partners in China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and France.

Master thesis erp implementation

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To continue to the order form as level, but also as.Implementation approach Project success Introduction to the pilot implementation project The go-live in the pilot implementation project Critical challenges after the go-live Solving the problems Specific features of organizing the work in the pilot implementation project The key user concept Working practices between the global and local project teams Radical and pervasive change impact my favorite pastime essay the go-live Increased organizational capabilities caused by the change Reactions to master thesis erp Manifestations of the change management success factors Management support Need for change Defining roles Goal setting Relative importance of the change management success factors Conclusion of the empirical part Summary of findings per change management success factor Change management approach in the implementation project Stakeholder management lays the foundation for developing change readiness effectively Stakeholder management in this empirical case Systematic standardization and improvement brings in efficiency and consistency Systematic standardization and improvement in the empirical case Change management maturity arises from systematic development of CM competence and its integration with other activities Improvements to the Framework Summary of the most relevant findings New success factor: Erp master sap thesis stakeholder management New success factor: Change management orientation Slight modifications to the original change management success factors The improved prescriptive Framework for change management in ERP implementation projects 88!

Assessing the quality of this study Limitations of the study Conclusion of the thesis Answers to the research questions Call for further research Figure 4 - Sample stakeholder map for ERP implementation project Figure 5 - Most frequently cited ERP implementation success factors, listed by the success factor and number of citations Figure 6 - Drop in performance after go-live Master thesis erp 7 - The goal of change management in ERP implementation is to improve business case realization Figure 8 - Salminen's 11 change management success factors Figure 9 - Model of strategic change process Figure 10 - Salminen-Hannus framework: proposal for the prescriptive model of change management in ERP implementation projects Figure 11 - The contacting process of informants Figure 12 - The color-coded, thematically arranged responses were consolidated thematically into one mind map Figure 14 - The ERP implementation project's high-level phases and timeline Figure 15 - An approximate illustration of the project phases covered by the informants Figure 16 - New success factor: Effective stakeholder management Figure 17 - New success factor: Change management orientation Figure 18 - Addition of two new success factors to Hannus-Salminen Framework Table 2 - Types of resistance and resistance behaviors in ERP implementation context Table 3 - Salminen's original definitions for the change management success factors Table 4 - Summary of the change management success factors adapted to ERP implementation context according to the literature Table 5 - Salminen's change management success factors and the original definitions Table 6 - Informants and interview dates Table 7 - Summary of findings from the interview per success factor Table 8 - Novel descriptions of the 13 change management success factors Company mergers and integrations also always affect the ERP system and related business processes.

At least some of the parties will be required to implement a new system or modify the existing one, and the related business processes. This development should be in direct proportion to the actual implementation projects. The ERP implementation project has widespread implications for the entire organization.

The job descriptions and tools change for many, and the integrated processes challenge functional silo-based working practices.

Erp master sap thesis

There is general uncertainty regarding the success of the project and the future. The more efficient processes may cause pressure to make headcount reductions Davenport ; Jiang et al ERP implementation is by nature highly top-down.

Ultimately there needs to be commitment to the implementation outcome on all levels of the organization. The implementation process puts high demands on the organization. The actual change, the new processes and the systems, are carried out in a cutover type event called go-live.

However, the ERP implementation literature usually offers very limited coverage for what change management actually entails in this context. For this reason there is a need for further research on the contents and success factors of change management in ERP implementation context.

The purpose of this study The purpose of this thesis is to answer the master thesis erp how change should be managed in an Enterprise Resource Planning ERP implementation project. The purpose of the Introduction chapter is to describe the purposes and backgrounds of this study, and also the contents of this thesis. Theoretical part describes the most important concepts related to ERP implementation projects, and change management concepts that are applicable to this context. The Framework chapter describes the proposal for a prescriptive model of change management for ERP implementation projects, and recaps the master thesis erp implementation questions.

This chapter describes the empirical case, case material, method of empirical inquiry and the findings from the case. The Discussion part considers these findings, reflects them against literature, and presents the improvements to the framework based on these findings.

Quality of the study is evaluated, and areas for further research are suggested.

SAP Master Thesis Suggestions

The theoretical starting point of the study This study has a special relation to two earlier studies Salminen ; Hirvonen and one book on best practices of strategic management Hannus I have used this study as support material while writing this case study. Several other ERP implementation sources are cited in the Theoretical part of this study, in addition to other change management sources as well. Change reaction refers to attitudes and behaviors that either hinder change resistance or promote change readiness the realization of the change.

This division seems simplistic, but is useful once the concepts are properly understood. I consider change management to be that set of change project management practices, that take into account the stakeholder groups, their relationships and criticality to the project success.

This approach is used for problem solving in management sciences. A normative framework is constructed from theory to address a relevant managerial problem, and then tested against the empirical case, to gain a better framework as master thesis erp result. This study is a single-case design Yin This challenging, but successful ERP implementation project took place between and The six interviews represent the global project team, local rollout team from the pilot project, and functional organization.

The data covers aspects of the global implementation and its objectives, as well as the local perspective to the change process. This Framework is validated against the empirical case, by which the original success factors are further elaborated, and the need for two new ones is recognized.

The research questions are the following: 1. How should the organizational change be managed in an ERP implementation project? The goal of this study is to answer this question by presenting a prescriptive model. Is the Salminen-Hannus Framework presented a good approach for this purpose?

The ERP system The ERP system can be described as a companywide information and management system, which integrates all aspects of business Bingi et al According to Davenport integration of information and process flows is a fundamental feature of ERP systems.

Fragmentation of information and practices is the basic problem enterprise systems were designed to solve. ERP system pushes a company towards full integration and centralized management models. The ERP systems erp master sap thesis today are most commonly packaged software sold by independent software vendors. They are modular. Usually the modules correspond to functional areas of the organization.

As the modules are integrated, the business processes that cut across different functions also become integrated. They span across the basic functions of a modern organization. In the chartering phase of the implementation project the organization chooses which modules to implement. System integrator consultants are used to bring in this expertise to the project. These interfaces and related business processes may extend beyond organizational boundaries Bingi et al ERP systems may be customized to some extent, but customization is often advised against.

Figure 2 illustrates the integration of the system. In many cases the system will enable the company to operate more efficiently than it did before. Because of this push towards centralization and generic business processes, the business master thesis erp often be modified to fit the system Davenport Costs, benefits and risks of an ERP implementation The ERP implementation project is always of strategic importance, the good earth essay the costs, benefits and risks are considerable.

A full scope ERP implementation project is one of the largest and most crosscutting change initiatives an organization may undertake. The project often takes several years, and costs vary, from half million Master thesis erp implementation to nine digit figures. The cost factor depends largely on the size of the organization, and the number of modules implemented.

Of course the appropriateness of the ERP implementation project should not be appraised by its cost. It is the realization of the business case, i. The business benefits of an ERP implementation can be compelling. The reasons include business growth, which the existing systems cannot support, standardization of data and processes, improving business process efficiency, and aging or unnecessarily costly legacy systems that need to be replaced.

Further reasons are listed in Table 1. Also, after going live, the ERP implementation is practically irreversible. Implementation project phases The ERP implementation project has certain basic phases. Both models are described in more detail below.

Master Thesis Erp Implementation : Extended essay help

Project chartering 2. Shakedown 4. Onward and upward In the chartering phase the decisions that lead to project approval and funding are made. The project phase consists of the activities to get the system and processes up and running in one or more organizational units. This is a period where the organization goes through a temporary drop in performance. The onward and upward phase consists of routine operation and incremental improvements until an upgrade or anther system is rolled out.

This is the period master thesis erp the business benefits are realized. These project phases are highly dependent on each other. The outcome and events of each project phase affect directly the chances of success of the next phase.

Poor output from one project phase will certainly cause problems in the next phase. Implementation project phases According to ASAP implementation roadmap, the implementation project phases are: 1. Project preparation 2. Business blueprint 3. Realization 4. Final preparation 5. Go live and support Project preparation is the planning stage for the erp master sap thesis, where crucial strategic decisions about project goals, implementation scope, schedule, budget, implementation sequence need to be made, and the project organization and relevant committees established.

Original project goals and objectives are refined, and overall project schedule revised. Realization refers to configuring the requirements contained in the Business blueprint into the system. The configuration of the scope can be arranged to up to four cycles, starting with the major scope and reaching further levels of detail in later cycles.

Integration testing and end user documentation are key activities in this phase. Final preparation is the phase of completing the preparation work, the testing, end user training, system management and cut over activities. All open issues need to be resolved, and the prerequisites for the go live need to be fulfilled, before proceeding into the next phase. Go live and support denotes the move from pre-production environment to the live system.

Master thesis erp

The most important activities are setting up system support function, monitoring the system transactions, and optimizing overall system performance ASAP The organization goes through a major transformation, and the management of this change must master thesis erp carefully planned and meticulously implemented Bingi et al Changes master thesis erp implementation organizational and process level Enterprise systems have direct impacts on a company's organization and culture.

The enterprise system can be used to inject more discipline, by exerting more management control and imposing more-uniform processes on the organization. On the other hand, the system enables companies to break down hierarchical structures, and utilize real-time information to enable higher levels of creativity Davenport Because of the imposed business practices, the implementation process can involve considerable change in organizational structure, job design, work sequencing, training and so on.

According to Umble et al the existing organizational structures master thesis erp implementation processes found in most companies are not compatible with the structure, tools and types of information provided by ERP systems. The required realignment typically impacts most functional areas and many social systems within the organization. The resulting changes may significantly affect organizational structures, policies, processes and employees. Accordingly, ERP implementations may trigger profound changes in corporate culture.

Changes on the your argument level ERP implementation brings changes on the individual level as well.

For a successful ERP adoption employee's understanding of the system and buy-in is essential. People need to have a critical mass of knowledge to be able to solve problems in the framework of the new system Umble et al The change brought by the system implementation must include change of skills and mindset as well, which spans yet another level of change impact on the individual employee.

The tools and job descriptions change for many. Employee base data: Name, ID, personal details, service centre, service point, skill, hourly rate, overtime rate etc. Finance Master Data: In addition to master data requirement for specific financial modules such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, budgeting etc, following finance master data are having impact across non financial modules:. When I become familiar with a homework schedule of my kids, I master thesis erp implementation help them create a realistic plan for all assignments and tests.

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I have no complaints. My professor was impressed by my essay on master thesis erp implementation. Now, I feel confident because I know that my academic level can be improved significantly. Your professionals encouraged me to continue my education. Working with them I found I needed to install a couple of extra modules. When I found that I needed extra fields, there are ways to do so. And when this worked, I switched all the purchasing to openERP.

At the moment I am doing the same with customers, quotations, pricelists and so on. Working with only two customers makes changes easy and painless. Thank you Laoyumi for erp master sap thesis comment! I would like to understand what do you mean by 'If the ERP supports in its native state the field of operation, that will be a great benefit.

Secondly, in my opinion where ERP is still new and in development phase in countries like India, adapting to new technology is somehow not easy and be willing. I would like to know how 'PEOPLE' can make a difference and to what extent that would benefit the entire project take place successfully.

When organizations implement a modern ERP system, they sometimes rely on older systems. These older systems are typically not used by the management of the company and most of the time they rely on Excel sheets, some old guy from the IT department can export.


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